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Bonfi Media is a leading iGaming company
defined by strategy, invention, honesty
and long-forgotten principles.
Our motto is simple: Transparency and advancement, in all segments. The gaming industry is often synonymous with volatility, so our goal is to make sure you are making the right decisions every step of the way. That’s why we decided to source fact-checked information and provide a great deal of support to every individual interested in what this exciting industry has to offer. The idea is rather simple. We are building a platform for both professional players and gambling enthusiasts who are eager to enjoy the chills’n thrills of life without having to worry about winding up in the gutter. Call us idealists and dreamers – and you will be right! All it takes is loyalty, determination, and a little faith to turn that vision into reality.
We employ the industry’s top experts to design outstanding brands
and give the competitors a helluva run for their money.
Our Assets
Casino Bros
Design & Development: Custom
Development Time: ~ 6 months

Brief Description

Regaining people’s broken trust in the online gambling industry is no mere feat, but Casino Bros are one of the few brands that really seem up to the task. They’re a savvy bunch with a keen interest in helping their pro Bros around the world to get exactly what they’re looking for: In-depth reviews, first-hand advice, casino bonuses, games, tips and tricks – you name it!
Bro Collective
Design & Development: Custom
Development Time: ~ 6 months

Brief Description

This iGaming community has a commendable goal: keeping players in the loop with the ever-changing gambling industry. We love the fact that they established a much-needed support network, especially for individuals who have just entered the exciting world of gaming. Goes without saying, that’s why we decided to provide a great level of support in return.

Our Team


Darko Brzica

Darko Brzica

Darko is an SEO expert who worked for a number of international companies over the years, and then used all that experience to diversify his knowledge and his understanding of the industry. In his portfolio, you will see names like Virgin Australia, iSelect, VaporFi, Diamond Vision and many more.

After several smart business decisions, one of which was his refusal of a managerial role because it wasn’t aligned with his personal goals, he started his own company Occam Digital in which he provides SEO, PPC, Web Development and Content Marketing services to international clients.

Apart from that, Darko’s intention is to use his knowledge, experience and expertise to create digital assets that will be examples of value and integrity in all markets.

Daniel Jovic

Daniel Jovic

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur, investor and a hardcore gaming-nerd with a background in finance and payments.

His extensive experience in leading teams on pan-European markets, as well as building successful companies shaped him into a determined but wise businessman who’s always looking for new challenges.

His greatest asset, as he claims, is his team of dedicated colleagues who are working together with one goal only – creating magic every day!

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